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VPX Chassis 3 slots
USD $620.00.  This convection cooled, fanless enclosure accepts up to three 3U conduction coole..
VPX Conversion Module
USD $1330.00.  The VPX media conversion provides both backplane and Base-T connections, as well..
VPX Fiber Interconnect
USD $610.00.  Amphenol’s VITA 66 family of products are ruggedized blind mate optical MT M..
VPX Platform
USD $4850.00.  This compact platform integrates chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf ..
VPX Platform
The Centellis 2100 is the next generation to the Centellis 2000.  With power and cooling suppor..
VPX Loop Back Blocks
USD $400.00:  There are two types: Center and End.  Each are sold separately.  Connec..
USD $4070.00:  This PCB is intended for use testing high speed 100 ohm controlled impedance dif..
CX4 VPX Adapter
USD $1380.00: This adapter is intended for sue with RapidFET Probe; however, it can be used for a va..
VPX J0 J2 Breakout Adapter
USD $790.00:  This PCB is used during initial board bring up and board testing for either VPX V..
VPX Cable Ultra Thin Pipe 24"
USD $110.00.  Cable interconnection system installs through housing into Rear Transition M..
VPX Daughtercard
USD $70.00.   Tyco Electronics’ MULTIGIG RT product is a backplane interconnect family tha..
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