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AMC-SMA Ultra 15000 B+
USD $1695.00: Transmit and receive serdes signals for Common Options (Lanes 0-3) and Extended Option..
AMC-SMA Ultra 15001 Extended
USD $1695.00: Transmit and receive SERDES signals from Common Options (Lanes 0-3) and Extended Optio..
AMC-SMA Ultra 9000
USD $1495.00: Transmit and receive all serdes signals from an AMC card with STx’s AMC-SMA converte..
CX4-AMC Adapter
USD $1150.00: This adapter is intended for use with RapidFET Probe, however it can be used for varie..
Cable, CX4 to CX4, 10Gb/s Ethernet Cable, Pull Latch, Available in 4 lengths...
Silicon Turnkey Express
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