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VPX Fiber Interconnect
USD $610.00.  Amphenol’s VITA 66 family of products are ruggedized blind mate optical MT M..
CX4-SFP Interconnect System
USD $70.00.  CX4 to SFP cables feature a pull-latch ejector style connector on one end and..
CXP Interconnect System
USD $260.00.  iPass+ High-Speed Channel (HSC) CXP Cable Assembly, 12X Quad Data Rate (QDR), 84 ..
VPX Cable Ultra Thin Pipe 24"
USD $110.00.  Cable interconnection system installs through housing into Rear Transition M..
Cable, CX4 to CX4, 10Gb/s Ethernet Cable, Pull Latch, Available in 4 lengths...
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