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USD $4850.00.  This compact platform integrates chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management into an off-the-shelf solution for small and medium size network element deployments.  The Centellis 2000 is available in simplex and duplex configurations with regard to power, shelf management and base interface switching. Further flexibility is achieved by offering both DC or AC power input modules. Future blade bandwidth requirements are addressed with a sophisticated 1G/10G/40G capable fabric cross-connect backplane.  Designed to meet NEBS and ETSI environmental requirements, the Centellis 2000 features front-to-rear cooling, and is designed to meet the stringent Communications Platform Trade Association (CP-TA) B.4 thermal profile.


     Two-slot, 3U, 19” form factor (horizontal slots) ATCA chassis

    Front-to-rear cooling - CP-TA B.4 compliant

    SpiderWare®M3 platform management software included

    Integrated shelf management and Base switching infrastructure

    Direct cross-connect circuitry for the Fabric Interface (1G/10G/40G)

    2 AC Power Systems

    Full Duplex with 2 MF105 ShMM Module

    Two user slots for OEM customization

    RoHS 6/6 compliant

    Designed for NEBS/ETSI compliance (DC variants only)

The Centellis 2000 is being replaced by the Centellis 2100 (available in 2018)

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